Katharine Moffitt, Staff

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With holidays right around the corner, most people are getting really excited to see distant family; or are you one of those who dreads family gatherings? Well, I use to be one of those people who absolutely hated family gatherings, but now I love them. When you are younger, it might be fun to play with your cousins and see the grands. Then, you slowly get to the stage of having to talk to your aunts and uncles and it’s kind of awkward. When you finally get to the end of high school, you have a lot more confidence and can have a normal conversation with them. In the end, you have to remember to be thankful for everyone around you, even if you are in the awkward stage. For Thanksgiving, your family tradition could be a rebellious food fight between you and your cousins, or it could be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Whatever the tradition is, you must always remember to give thanks for anything and everything around you.

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