Eight Hours of NOT Being Handsy

Katharine Moffitt, Staff

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Have you ever been walking through the hallways and felt like you are about to barf? I certainly have. This school should be a place where I can walk through the hallways feeling comfortable, but instead I am walking down the hallways seeing gross lovey dovey couples. This is school for heaven’s sake! Learn to be apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend and act like your grandparents are always around. I’m constantly surrounded by disturbing actions or weird conversations. People in this school need to learn that PDA is not okay! Most couples in this school are totally school appropriate most of the time, but their are a few that just constantly rub it in others faces that they are a couple. If you want people to know so badly that you are together that’s what social media is for. I’m pretty sure you can put somewhere in your profile that you are together. I’m no expert, but I think couples can survive eight hours of not being touchy!

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Eight Hours of NOT Being Handsy