CHS Cheer Hosts Cheer Clinic

Kanessa Jones, Editor

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The CHS cheer squad held yet another cheer clinic for young grade-schoolers who dream of becoming high school cheerleaders. The clinic was held on a Saturday, and the little girls cheered and performed at the football game the following Friday. They learned a variety of cheers, band dances, and a routine to the song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” They also learned cheer basics, such as jumps and the fact that in cheer, you only need to know how to count to eight.

The high school cheerleaders had fun too. “They were really cute!” said Mallory Ediger. Mallory’s favorite part of the whole day was seeing the girls’ excited smiles when a high school cheerleader asked to sit with them at snack time. That is now a precious memory for Mallory, as well as for the other girls who saw how much joy you can get from simply connecting with someone.

This clinic was only for kids in preschool through 2nd grade. The high school cheerleaders will be having another camp for 3rd through 6th graders during basketball season. They look forward to working with another group and getting to spread some spirit to the next generation of Bluejay cheerleaders. According to Clemmie Jantz, “With the little girls’ cheer clinic, we basically just focus on being peppy and getting them out of their comfort zones. With the older girls, we focus on the strict basics of cheerleading, like stunting and jumps and a more intricate dance.” Maddie Ediger is, “…personally looking forward to being able to talk to the girls who are soon to be in the high school building and encouraging them to pursue any and all of the activities they want to try.” The CHS cheerleaders like to work on things with their own squad, but they all agree that there is something special about sharing the stage with the future of Bluejay cheer.

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CHS Cheer Hosts Cheer Clinic