HS Choir

Erika Macias, Contributor

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Large group state choir results from last Wednesday in Dodge City were girls glee which received a 1 and their mixed chorus received a 1 as well.

Girls Glee participants: Mckenzie Brock, Hailey Elis, Phoebe Lane, Sadie Jantz, Arlene Armendez, Kristen Nestor, Jatsiry Cervantes, Brooklyn Buehler, Isabella Mendez, Wendy Medina, Macy Fugitt, Aspen Bell, Jacee Wilson, Kieryn Knobbe, Tristyn Luther, Sydney Dumler, Skylar Lopez, Laura Carter, Annie Neuschafer, Courtney Clinesmith, Kaitlyn Jarnagin, Grace Greene, Abby Osborn, Jenna Seabolt, Audrey Dwyre, Evelin Amezcua, AnaKaren Banda, Victoria Fuentes, and Claudia Elias.

Mixed Chorus participants: All the girls listed including Edsel Arjona, Nick Schmidt, Niko Neel, Jordan Smith, Freddy Orozco, Michael Feltman, Oscar Macias, Hunter Renick, Samuel Fuentes, Chris Inguanza, Gustavo Cabrera, Christian Harmon, Dylan Jones, Adan Molinar, and Alan Cervantes.

In all, it was a good day all the students really showed what they are capable of! As Mrs. Unruh explained, “the judges were pretty rough which meant all the students had to bring it together and they did just that!”