School Garden – All the Details

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Mrs. Johnson and her environmental science class received good news about being awarded an FFA Grant they applied for. With this grant they will be able to start purchasing materials that are needed to break ground for the school garden, which will be located in the open area south and east of the school. Mrs. Johnson, along with Brodie Gladman, Jack Warner and Jaeden Werth, presented the project to the school board. The school board offered support for the project, along with other ideas on getting more financial and physical help.

The environmental science class has worked hard this semester, as it is only a second semester class, on coming up with different layout plans, a supply needed list, and a to do list. When it comes to planning something that you want to be beneficial for a long period of time, it needs to be very organized, which this class has done well. The class has also found other ways to save money and involve other students in the school. They have asked the ag mechanics class for help with an irrigation system, they’ve asked the ag science class for help when they are ready to test the soil, and have asked the wood shop students with help possibly building a fence around the garden.

They are looking into other ways of funding for the supplies that are still needed. They also have a plan of what they’d like to plant in the garden. Their hopes are that over time the garden will evolve into a school/community garden, meaning they’d allow community members to purchase plots in the garden. In May the class will have extra plants that aren’t being planted for sale, for other people to purchase. With the produce they grow, the plan is to have food at the farmers market several times this summer, donate produce to the Food Bank, and hopefully use it in our culinary classes or be able to offer the fresh produce for CHS students during lunch.

The class is also very open to any advice from members of the community that are experienced at gardening and would be willing to contribute some of their time and knowledge. It has also been discussed that in the best interest of keeping the garden going, that there should be a Garden Board/Committee set up, anyone interested in being on this board can contact Mrs. Johnson. Also, if any clubs/groups, community members, students or teachers would like to be a part of helping make this garden come together please contact Mrs. Johnson at ([email protected]) or 620-855-3323 or any students in the environmental science class.  

Here is a list of supplies the class still needs for the school garden:


  • Tiller/implement
  • Fencing/Gate System-Also Installation Help
  • Signage-FFA GRANT, School/Community Garden Guidelines, Sponsors, Memorial Donations
  • Water Hydrants-Repaired and additional hydrants added around the garden
  • Lockers for Community Gardener Tools
  • Mulch or Gravel (For Garden Paths)-We want our garden handicap accessible
  • Exterior Paint New or Used (Any Color or Type-Exterior would be best) for “Herb Tire Garden”
  • Wood Pallets (Good Condition)
  • Used Stock Tanks or Livestock Feeders-It is okay to have rusted out or holes in the bottom. (Raised Beds)
  • 2-4 Benches (Memorial Donation)
  • Materials for Sundial Garden (Memorial Donation)-
  • Metal Purchase for Sundial
  • We have the flowers