Crazy Conspiracy Theories!

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Crazy Conspiracy Theories!

Diego Medrano, Contributor

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With the many questionable events that have unveiled in the past couple of decades, conspiracy theories have sprung up and many of them have hundreds of people thinking. Could these theories be real? What would the world come too if the moon landing really was fake or if Bush actually planned 9/11? Were going to be going through some of the most controversial and interesting theories that have been made over the past couple of decades.

Number One: The Reptilian Elite

This theory is about how the most famous people and people who run the government are actually reptilian. I know this sounds crazy but let me explain, the theory is that people like Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton and hundreds of others are a reptilian-like creature who use their powers to run the world in their favor. This theory first came from David Icke, a former BBC sports reporter who say he has seen these alleged reptilian creatures and know who they are. He believes that the royal family is nothing but “lizards”. He claims that these reptilians are behind high power societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati and they are the one’s controlling the world. I personally think this theory is absolutely crazy and very hard to believe, but if your still interested you could do some more investigating yourself.

Number Two: The Fake Moon Landings

So let’s get straight to this, this theory is that the moon landing was faked in order for the US to beat Russia in the race to space. They had Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin act out their mission in a secret set, speculated to be either in the Hollywood Hills or deep in Area 51. When Aldrin planted the flag on the moon, it began to wave. This could not happen in space because there is no wind in a vacuum which is what space basically is. Virgil I. Grissom, Edward H. White and Roger B. Chaffee were three astronauts who died when they were testing out equipment for the first moon mission. Could it be that they were executed by the government so they wouldn’t later on come out with the truth. No one will ever know.

Number Three: 9/11 was planned

I understand this theory is very controversial and 9/11 was a very sad moment in our history but I do think that it is very interesting and people should know about it. This theory is basically that Bush planned 9/11 in order to be able to blame it on Islamic terrorist and purposely start a war with them. There is lots of different theories to this one but the most interesting one is that the planes were not real but actually CGI and the destruction were made by bombs. Survivors from the incident say that they heard beeping noises throughout the day and when it all happened no one ever saw planes, they only felt the bombs explode in the the lower and higher levels. Could all this be true or just another crazy idea?