Nicole Yungco

Erika Macias, contributing reporter

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At first, Nicole was very doubtful on her art piece, because she had never done a piece that dealt with tools, in this case, it was a socket wrench. Her teacher Mr. Giebler chose the topic, so she just went with it and did the best she could. As she was getting more into her drawing she was liking it more and more. The head of the socket was the most important to her because it had more details, and she focused on it more than any other part of the tool. She spent most of her time on the socket. Nicole values her art piece a lot because she did most of it herself, and things are more valued when you have to work hard for it. There are different media in drawings, such as charcoal, pencil and even markers. For this piece Mr. Giebler chose charcoal. Nicole’s tool reminds her of her father working in his workshop all the time.