Are Cell Phones a Distraction?

Ana Maria Ramirez-Valdiviez, Contributor

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There are pros and cons about having cell phones in schools. Teens would still use their cell phones even when there is a ban on usage. The pros about teens having a cell phone on hand mean they have access to their family members. Parents use phones to monitor their child’s location. Kids and teens can use their phones to reach their parents in case of emergency or use it to reach authorities or medical providers. Cell phones can easily be turned on and off in case it goes off during classes. Cell phones can also be helpful if students don’t have a certain school material to help them calculate.

The cons of having cell phones in schools are that students often forget to turn off their phones in class and it disrupts learning. Even if it’s on silent, it can cause distraction since text messaging has become a high-tech method of passing notes. During a widespread crisis, cell phones are unreliable. Rampant cell phone use can overload communication systems and render them useless.  They can also be used to spread rumors and misinformation which can be harmful.

Kids who have access to social media apps can cause a distraction and can be used for cyberbullying. Phones can also be used for cheating during exams.