AnaMaria Ramirez

Diego Medrano, Contributor

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AnaMaria is a senior at Cimarron High School, CHS. She was involved with Volleyball for a year and Tennis for two years. She said one of her favorite parts of high school was playing tennis with her sister, and her least favorite is having too much homework and not having enough time to just be. The thing she has liked most about her senior year is almost getting out, that is it’s almost over. If she could change something about the school she said she would change the lunches. One of her most embarrassing moment in high school was when she tripped over her own feet during tennis. The best thing that happened to her was her going to regional tennis. She is hoping to be able to go to GCCC to work on her art and photography after high school. She hopefully sees herself living in Garden City and having her own business in 10 years. One thing she would like to say to kids going into high school is, “Get a good reputation with your teachers, it’ll help with college resumes”.