Mix It Up at lunch

Diego Medrano, contributor

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Last Friday we did a new thing at lunch called Mix It Up, and I thought it was an excellent idea for kids to branch out and meet new people. Every day of the week, all the same people sit with their friends, while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I do think we should consider either sitting with or inviting the kids who sit alone to our table. At the table I sat at, I sat with people I have talked to before, but don’t necessarily seek them out daily. It was fun and a bit exciting to talk to other students and connect on a social level. I went out into the crowd to get other student’s perspective. 

The student’s I spoke with said they liked the idea of putting new people at different tables and thought the questions provided, to break the ice, were fun to ask and made a stressful situation less so. They liked the idea of making new friends and putting kids in situations where they have to talk to other people. One of the kids said, “he thinks it would be better to pay more attention to the kids that way they can be placed with students that they might get along with”,  I think that is an excellent point to make; because some kids really do not like each other, and doing this could backfire if thought is not put into the pairings. 

Another student stated,  “she didn’t like it, it was boring and people didn’t sit where they were supposed to, plus she felt uncomfortable because she didn’t know anybody”. Again, I think its a good idea, but thought needs to be put into the pairings and questions so most students can feel good about it. 

As for me, I think it was a good start to bringing a sense of community to our school, opening dialogue between each other and a fun way to maybe make a new friend.




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Mix It Up at lunch