Halloween 1978 vs Halloween 2018: 40 Years Later

Annie Neuschafer and Erika Macias

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The Halloween movie from 1978 is a horror movie about a killer escaping from an asylum and him going on a killing spree. The movie was terrible and the one from 2018 wasn’t any better. Michael Myers was a troubled child growing up, and he killed his sister at a very young age. After being locked away for fifteen years, he escaped the night of Halloween Eve. Laurie, the main character in the movie sees Michael throughout her day on Halloween. That night, her parents leave to go to a Halloween party and leaves her in charge of her younger brother, Tommy. Laurie’s friend Annie is also put in charge of her younger sister, Lindsey, whose parent’s also went to the party. Annie’s boyfriend, Paul, is alone and calls to ask for her to pick him up. Lindsey goes next door to Laurie’s house while Annie goes to get Paul. As Annie gets in her car, she doesn’t realize that Michael was behind the driver seat, and he strangles her. Tommy was playing with Lindsey and was hiding behind a curtain when he saw Michael carry Annie’s deceased body out of the garage. Laurie doesn’t believe Tommy when he says that the boogeyman is outside, but Lindsey starts to. Laurie and Annie’s friends, Lynda and Bob are over at Annie’s house and mess around while Annie is gone, while she’s really dead. They hang out in Annie’s parent’s room and Bob goes downstairs to get a beer. Bob is killed by Michael, and Michael puts a sheet over his body and Bob’s glasses over the sheet. He goes upstairs and stares at Lynda as she calls Laurie. Before she could speak, Michael grabs the phone cord and wraps it around her neck, strangling her to death. After not hearing from any of her friends, Laurie goes across the street to investigate. She walks into Annie’s parent’s room to see Annie’s lifeless body on the bed. Laurie backs up in fear into the closet when Bob’s body suddenly drops down, scaring Laurie. Laurie is stabbed by Michael in the shoulder, and instead of running, she limps away which totally makes sense. Laurie limps back to her house and warns Tommy and Lindsey, and stabs Michael in the neck with a needle when he jumps out at her. Thinking he’s dead, Laurie goes up to check on the kids when he suddenly gets up and follows her. She hides in a closet and he starts to break the closet doors. Laurie grabs a wire hangar and stabs Michael in the eye. He backs up in shock and pain, giving Laurie time to escape. Thinking he’s dead again, she slides down the wall, exhausted. He gets up again and starts to strangle her while a cop comes in and shoots Michael. Michael runs out of the room and gets shot a couple more times in the living room, thinking he’s dead. The cop guy talks to Laurie after Michael is killed, and when he turns back around Michael is gone.

The movie was terrible in ways that you can probably tell. Michael never dies and Laurie couldn’t figure that out after three times of thinking he’s dead. Laurie limps after being stabbed in the shoulder, which makes no sense. The acting was terrible and awkward, and the storyline didn’t make sense. You have to pay attention to almost everything in the beginning or you would be very confused. This movie is not recommended because it was so bad.

Michael Myers, as you can tell has not died. The movie starts out with two journalists taking Michael’s mask to the institution where he is. Michael is seen tied up to chains, and once the mask was held close to Michael, people start to freak. Expecting to get a reaction from Michael, they get nothing. They go to Laurie’s house and find out she has been dealing with post-dramatic stress and has been preparing for Michael’s return. Laurie’s daughter Karen was having a family dinner with her daughter and husband, when Laurie comes over freaking out and Allyson, her granddaughter, comforts her. A transport bus from the institution crashes, and the security guards are killed. A man and his son pull up to the crash to investigate, and while the dad disappears, the son goes to the truck to call 911 and is killed by Michael. The journalists go to a gas station for gas. The girl goes to the bathroom and the guy goes inside to find a dead mechanic and the cashier with his jaw ripped open. Dana, the girl is attacked by Michael in the bathroom and the guy, Aaron, runs to save her. Aaron is thrown into the door multiple times and Dana is later strangled. On Halloween night, Michael wanders a street and kills random people in their homes. Laurie chases Michael throughout the night, attempting to kill him, and she wasn’t able to forty years before so she definitely can’t now. Allyson watches Michael kill one of her friends after leaving a party, and runs into a neighbor’s house. Karen is put into a safe room by Laurie after a cop was killed outside their house, and Laurie shoots Michael’s hand with a shotgun, taking two fingers with. Laurie falls from a balcony after being stabbed by Michael but she lives. Karen shoots Michael and Allyson pushes him into the safe room. As Allyson and Karen attempt to leave, Michael grabs Karen’s ankle and Allyson stabs him with his own knife. Laurie flips a switch and Michael is locked in the safe room, and she lights the house on fire with Michael still inside. The movie ends with the three women hitching a ride with someone as they are taken to safety.

The movie was terrible, because all he did was run around and kill random people. He would get shot a lot and in real life you would die, but he just kept getting back up. It was all of the same stuff and it got really boring, really fast. It was in some ways frustrating how he wouldn’t die, and how they were too stupid on thinking he was dead when he didn’t die five minutes prior to that.

Overall, the Halloween movies are terrible and stupid. They’re all the same and a waste of time to watch.

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Halloween 1978 vs Halloween 2018: 40 Years Later