Board Meetings FYI

Mrs.. Hodde, Administrator

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Special Board Meeting(s)

Our board met two weeks ago and then again last Thursday to discuss facilities and what upgrades they felt were necessary at this time. At the board meeting last Thursday, they decided to pay for a remodel of the kitchen at the Elementary school this coming summer. It is the original kitchen in that building and has some desperate needs for an upgrade, plumbing being the main one.
Then, the board decided to put forth a bond election to build a Physical Education facility on the north end of the High School building and connect it to the hallway between the kitchen and the band room. This would be a facility that would host our weight room and have a workout area in the middle of the bottom level. The top level would be a multi-purpose workout area where wrestling will practice during the winter season and PE classes will utilize during the school year. Adding this facility would allow us to move our Junior High sports out of the school day which would add several academic opportunities for us. The other item the board voted to put on the bond election is to upgrade the home stands, the concession stand and restrooms, and the parking lot over at the football stadium. This all will go to a vote in April.