It Does Matter, Get Better

Cole Bertelsen, Contributor

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With the rise of the Blue Jay Way motto, an expectation among some sports coaches has begun to appear. Many players are now expected to never lose, as losing would be “below the line.” While victory is always a great goal to strive for, it should not be a requirement. If a player is never exposed to failure, he or she will never be provided with the opportunity to learn from it. When faced with challenges such as losing a game, a player has only two options. They can either give up, or they can seek to improve. This choice can show much about a person’s character.

If they are never allowed to fail, then they will never be allowed to grow. Learning the lesson to pick yourself up when you fall is something that will help you through many tough times in life, which is more important than the fading memory of a specific high school sports victory. Most respected coaches are aware of this, and this is what helps their team to succeed. When you allow your team to learn from their failures, they have the opportunity to come more prepared and determined.

All Cimarron students have heard the phrase “It doesn’t matter, get better,” which is another common motto among our coaches and other school faculty. While it is admirable to hope to seek improvement, we should remember that the journey to improvement is just as important as the finish. So, I implore you, the reader, to remember that it does matter, so get better.