PLC Days

Ana Maria Ramirez Valdiviez, Contributor

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PLC is a day where all students get 30 minutes to either play a game, do homework, or walk around the gym track, but do you think it is actually needed? The majority of the students do not like having PLC days. Most students argue about changing PLC days into a thirty-minute late start in school without adding extra school days. Having a thirty-minute late start could help students get a little extra sleep and help with their studies. Studies show that with just 20 to 30 minutes of nap time and improve a person’s ability to be more productive as well as help with remembering work they learned in school. It can also give students some time to get ready and make it to school on time. Switching to a thirty-minute late start is still the same as having the PLC days. The majority of the students don’t do anything except do their homework, play a game, or just sit around with their phone. We don’t have to add extra school days for missing thirty minutes every other Friday when it’s the same no matter what. For more information view this website. :