Should school start later?

Diego Medrano, Contributor

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Nowadays I’ve noticed that the students of CHS look like they’re dead. This is because most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. The average teenager should be getting 8-9 hours of sleep while some of us are only getting around 6 or 7. I feel like this is because a lot of people are always so busy with school work that they feel like they have to stay up until they finish everything. For this reason, I think school should start at a later time. If school started at 10 am, then everyone would be able to fit in their 8 hours of sleep while still being able to finish all their homework and still have time for sports and other activities. The average day of a student-athlete at CHS is going to school from 8 to 3:45 pm and from there, most will go to practice until 6 or sometimes even 7. Once they get home, they have to do a bunch of stuff like homework while still trying to fit in time to have a social life. If school started later, then we would have more time for ourselves.