What’s a Salad Bar Without Salad?

Annie Neuschafer, Contributor

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Most people will agree with me when I say that school lunch is terrible. It’s never been good and this year definitely isn’t any better. I have second-lunch, and the first week of school I was in the back of the line every day. Being in the back of the line, you got whatever was left of the salad, which was just shredded lettuce and they wouldn’t even put fresh fruit out for you. I had the main course each day and not even a square full of fruit. Ever since the first week of school, I have walked into school with a lunch bag in my hand. Sometimes I may forget my lunch or I don’t get around fast enough to make one, so I either suck it up and eat school lunch or I call my grandma to bring me something, which is pizza most of the time.

If you compared America’s school lunches to lunches in Europe, you would definitely think our government is trying to starve us. In Finland and Sweden, school lunches are completely funded by their government, while our government is trying to keep it at a low cost. The food we are given is never appealing or filling. Cooks in Europe put time and effort into preparing food, as in America, most of our food is packaged and just needs to be placed in an oven.

One day last week, my friends said there wasn’t even a salad bar. The cooks just gave them some fruit and no salad. In grade school, we never had the option if we wanted something or not, and that’s what that reminded me of. I am one of the pickiest people you could ever meet, and I never ate lunch in grade school, so the food was just getting wasted every day if none of my classmates wanted the food. There’s no point in forcing kids to get food that they won’t eat. The cooks work hard and I know they do, but there is just some stuff they can do more of. Students complain of not getting enough food, but the cooks have to follow government-set guidelines. The only perk of being in second lunch is that you often get extra of what’s left.