In-Service…. what????????

Mrs. Hodde

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Do you ever wonder where all the teachers go and what we do when you don’t have school? Well, we go to these meetings called in-services. An in-service is a meeting to help us either improve our teaching, give us new ideas to try in the classroom, or sometimes its just a big waste of time, like busy work.

This past Monday all the teachers met in an in-service, in Sublette, to collaborate and to discuss teaching. For the most part, the speaker was amazing, he pepped us up, was entertaining, and explained a lot to all of us about what the state of Kansas has in store for education in the coming years. Then, we all separated into our perspective subject areas and went into session. At first, I was excited because all of the English Language Arts teachers, grades 7-12, we’re going to be together; but soon my delight turned to UGH, as we were informed that we would be divided into two teams, Junior high and Senior High. Bummer! I thought, ugh what a letdown and how am I supposed to coordinate with the 9th-grade teachers if I am stuck in a room full of 7th and 8th-grade teachers? So okay, I’m a grown up so I made it work. We go into session and right away our hosting school teachers inform us, they got nothing, they don’t even have an agenda. As we all assessed each other for leadership roles and introduce ourselves, I gotta tell ya, I was worried if we could pull this off or be productive at all. With no agenda and no real leadership, this could quickly become nothing more than a complaint marathon of humongous proportions. It didn’t turn into that, but the potential was there. It’s kind of like when you have an emergency sub in your science class, no one knows whats going on, it’s open season for chaos and its ugly cousin trouble, but then someone takes charge, and slowly but surely it all works out. I can’t say I would like to do this kind of in-service again, but I felt affirmed (as an educator) and a little proud as Mrs. Kramer and myself, because we helped those newbie frightened junior high school teacher’s out. We gave ideas and helped them with websites and teacher sites that can make teaching less scarey and a whole lot easier. I learned one more very important lesson as well, I learned that I am so lucky to work for and be surrounded by the incredible faculty, staff, and students of Cimarron School District USD 102, because it was frightening looking into the eyes of those stressed, young, helpless, newbie teachers and realizing, that could be me!!!!!!!
So, now you know what us teachers do on our in-service days, we save the world one scared new teacher at a time.
MORAL: the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Always be humble and kind.