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Jaira Osborn, Staff

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On February 6, 2018, Krystian Fish, the 2017-18 Miss Kansas, visited the school to talk about safe driving. The SADD club, run by Mrs. Johnson, helped get Miss Kansas to Cimarron High. Krystian Fish’s platform is to “Remove the Labels: Be Unstoppable”. She informed the students of Cimarron High about all the aspects of safe driving. I interviewed Krystian about her experiences about being Miss Kansas so far this year.

One of the questions I asked was, what influenced her to compete for the title of Miss Kansas? She responded with, “When I was eight years old, I met Miss Kansas and felt very inspired after meeting her. So after that, that was always my dream, but once I got to high school, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to compete or not, but after I competed once, I had to try for Miss Kansas.”

Krystian’s favorite part about being Miss Kansas is the people. “I get to hug tons of people every single day and I love that! I love getting to meet them and getting to know them.”, said Krystian.

The last thing I asked her was, how do you see that Miss Kansas can help you in the future? “People say that Miss Kansas is the best internship you’ll ever have. I have a resume second to none. Being Miss Kansas gives you so many opportunities and so many accomplishments from being Miss Kansas.”

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Miss Kansas