2017-2018 Staff

Lalo Aguilar


Lalo is a senior. Lalo likes to play sports. He likes to go to Juan's house and play Call of Duty. After school, you can usually find Lalo at practice.

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Cameren Bartlett

Editor- Print Newspaper

Cameren Bartlett is jumping into her first year on the CHS yearbook staff and has had a lot of fun taking pictures at all of the sporting events so far. She decided to take publications because she really enjoys capturing the...

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Alan Cervantes


Alan is a sophomore at Cimarron High School. He is involved in many activities such as football, basketball, baseball, and forensics. Alan enjoys acting, photography and playing baseball. Alan hopes to play college baseball and...

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Juan Chavez


Juan is a Senior at CHS. He is involved in a variety of activities, including Football, Basketball, Track, Scholar's Bowl, Band, and NHS. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and playing video games.

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Grant Dumler


Grant Dumler is a junior. Grant attends Cimarron High School. Some of his hobbies include being awesome and flying the school's drone.

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Cody Frink


Cody Frink is a junior at CHS and is involved with many things throughout the school. He is the Junior Class President and also the STUCO President-Elect. Cody is also involved in KAY Club and NHS. You can contact him at [email protected]

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Ethan M. Frodin


Ethan Frodin is a Junior at Cimarron High School. He is the founding member and one of the current administrators to the "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" Discord group.

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Brodie Gladman


Brodie is a junior at CHS. He is involved in a variety of activities, including cross-country, band, and boy scouts. He also enjoys making videos for his A.V class, and playing games with friends.

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Taylor Jantz

Yearbook Editor

This is Taylor's 2nd year in CHS yearbook, this year she will be editing the yearbook along with Katharine Moffitt. She also plays volleyball and basketball and is a member of KAY club and National Honors Society.

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Savannah Keith

Editor- Online Newspaper

Savannah is in her first year of publications this year, she has enjoyed working with every one of her classmates so far. She has been been in FCCLA for three years and SADD for four years. When Savannah is not at school, you...

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Payton Marshall


Payton Marshall is a high school sophomore. He is involved in many activities including football, basketball, and track. His favorite subjects are science and social studies. In his free time, he likes playing video games. His...

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Olivia McFadden


This is Olivia's first year in publications and she is excited for the upcoming year. She has enjoyed being a part of publications and working with other staff to come up with a memorable yearbook. She stays busy with volleyball,...

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Katharine Moffitt

Yearbook Editor

Junior Katharine Moffitt is leaping into her second year of CHS yearbook staff and will take on editing the yearbook along with Taylor Jantz. Other than working on the yearbook, Katharine is a member of the girls tennis team,...

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Niko Neel


Niko Neel is a junior at CHS. He is a proud member of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, the discord group. He plays a sport and an instrument.

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Sean Patrick Neil O'Grady


Sean is the best Youtuber in the whole school and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. One of the founders of the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch group.

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Jaira Osborn


This is Jaira's first year in publications, and she has really enjoyed it! She is involved in KAY club and plays volleyball and basketball. Outside of school, she spends time at home, usually avoiding any homework until the last...

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Kanessa Jones

Editor- Online Newspaper

Kanessa Jones is a senior at CHS. This is her first year in yearbook. She has been in tennis for 4 years, SADD for 4 years, FCCLA for 2 years, and basketball for 1 year.

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Kyler Woods


Kyler Woods is a junior at CHS. Kyler enjoys long walks in the park and having really long hair. After school, you can find Kyler sleeping, at work, or ignoring his friends.  

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Samantha Woods


Samantha is looking forward to her first year in publications. So far, she has enjoyed taking pictures at the sporting events and surprising people in classrooms. She is also involved in FFA, KAY club, and girls tennis. Outside...

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