Valentine’s Day

Katharine Moffitt

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Chocolates. Multiple shades of pinks and reds. Big teddy bears. Those are all the things that come to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day. Some people love Valentine’s Day because of all the chocolate, gifts, or endless love being thrown at them that day. In my opinion, you should show that same amount of love each and every day to those you love. Showing it to them once a year is not okay. Another thing that bothers me about this day is pink and red are not a good combination. The chocolate hearts that people give you taste like plastic and the candy hearts that say “puppy love” and “purr fact” are tacky and taste like chalk. I’m not anti-Valentine’s Day because of a bad experience or anything, I just find it creepy that people think it’s okay to only show their love on one day a year.

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Valentine’s Day